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DECC is responsible for all aspects of UK energy policy, and for tackling global climate change. Our team reflects the fact that climate change and energy policies are inextricably linked. Our four policy areas are: Global climate change and energy;UK energy supply; Supporting consumers;A low carbon UK. Oil and gas remains the most important component in our economy (around 60% of that total will still be hydrocarbon dependant). So it is vital for energy security that we make the most of our indigenous reserves. DECC’s Energy Development Unit promotes and regulates all aspects of the UK’s oil and gas exploration and production industry across the entire upstream life cycle from exploration to decommissioning. We also endeavour to promote the UK Supply Chain capability and facilitate the development of new and emerging markets and have recently developed a new initiative (Project Pathfinder) to enable the supply chain to pin point and target emerging developments. This initiative provides a real-time look at the oil and gas projects for both new field developments and decommissioning of redundant facilities in the UKCS over the next few years. Click on the following link to view the list, which will take you to the Oil and Gas DECC webpage.


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