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Cyber Prism Maritime Limited

Balintore House

Telephone: 4401224978927

Cyber Prism provides cyber security services in the Oil & Gas, Renewables and Infrastructure markets. We are a solutions company: we aim to produce holistic cyber security solutions for customers based on the best available technology and utilising the very high level of expertise we have available. We are the maritime cyber security expert for Lloyd’s insurance underwriter Munich Re and the cyber security partner of the Warsash Maritime Academy.

The core capability of Cyber Prism is our specialist expertise in cyber security for the Operational Technology (OT) that operates a facility and keeps it safe. We cover Information Technology (IT) as well, and always look for weaknesses in the bridges between the two.
Each facility is different and has its own potential vulnerabilities, so protection from cyber-attack is provided by risk assessment and a series of specific protective measures based on a survey. Humans are the weakest link (80% of successful cyber-attacks have a human element) so training is an essential part of our protective actions. Since 100% protection is not possible, systems monitoring, cyber-attack response planning and restoration services are a key part of our offer and we have recently entered into partnership with Restrata to provide a monitoring and response service worldwide.


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