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Blue Ocean Monitoring Ltd

W1/47 MRIC, National Oceanography Centre
European Way
SO14 3ZH

Telephone: +44 (0)2380 016222

Blue Ocean Monitoring is an independent company headquartered in Perth, Australia, specialising in the design, implementation and operation of ocean data collection systems using long duration autonomous underwater vehicles, providing real-time ocean data solutions to the Environmental and Oil & Gas sectors. Applications include hydrocarbon detection, habitat mapping, plume monitoring, environmental monitoring, geochemical survey, acoustic monitoring, data harvesting and bathymetric survey.

Blue Ocean Monitoring’s UK office specialises in traditional Metocean services. Applications include understanding and documenting site conditions, developing specific engineering design criteria, calibration and verification of numerical process models and environmental baseline and compliance monitoring. Our monitoring equipment includes acoustic wave and current monitoring systems, single-point current monitoring devices, tide gauges, water quality sensors, weather stations, water and sediment sampling systems and real-time telemetry systems.

Business Sectors

Environmental / Site Studies / Monitoring (Equipment, IT / Software, Personnel, Services)
ROV / AUV (Equipment, IT / Software, Personnel, Services)
Survey / Positioning (Equipment, IT / Software, Personnel, Services)


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