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Blueprint Subsea

The Clock Tower Business Centre
Low Wood
LA12 8LY

Telephone: +44 (0)1539 531536

Blueprint Subsea, we are innovative designers and manufacturers of world-class underwater sonar, positioning and navigation systems. We provide robust solutions to international subsea, offshore and defence markets.

We offer:

The StarFish sidescan sonar, a single person deployable towed sonar system for shallow water survey applications.

The Oculus M-/MD-Series of multibeam imaging sonars, designed for use across a wide variety of underwater applications. Compact in size while rugged in construction, the 300m depth rated M-Series is ideally suited to micro ROV platforms. The 4,000m depth rated Titanium housed MD-Series on the other hand is an excellent choice for larger work-class vehicles and subsea infrastructure.

The SeaTrac Mirco-USBL system, comprises of multi-purpose acoustic transponder beacons the system is capable of simultaneous asset position tracking and bi-directional data exchange.

The Artemis range of diver handheld sonar and navigation systems, each a submersible console combined with a multibeam sonar, DVL and GPS navigation system designed for use by naval mine clearance divers, commercial divers, police and SAR divers.

Business Sectors

Diving (Equipment)
Environmental / Site Studies / Monitoring (Equipment)
Renewables (Equipment)
ROV / AUV (Equipment)
Subsea Inspection / Repair / Maintenance (Equipment)
Survey / Positioning (Equipment)


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