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EEEGR: Shallow Water Deep Trouble II

EEEGR: Shallow Water Deep Trouble II

18 October 2018

15th October sees the start of the first ever UK Government Green Business Week, which will seek to raise awareness of how people can support climate action and highlight opportunities presented by clean growth.

Its the perfect week for EEEGR and the Society for Underwater Technology to host the Shallow Water Deep Trouble II event at Norwich City Football Club on Thursday 18th of October.

Survey underpins all infrastructure developments and supports the Clean Growth Agenda, which is vital for de-risking Offshore Renewables Developments whilst minimizing the impact to the marine environment.

The shallow water and intertidal zones present unique and specific challenges. A robust survey and data analysis methodology is crucial to a successful land/sea interface in power export cable installation.

This prestigious all-day event is ideal for those in the offshore industry looking to find out more about site investigations in shallow water. To book tickets, please head to our website places are limited -

You can view the full speaker schedule here -