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STL launches pioneering 3D visualisation service to global market

STL launches pioneering 3D visualisation service to global market

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05 April 2018

A leading subsea technology specialist has launched a new service that gives customers access to high-quality 3D animations of their own products - before they are developed and launched to the market.
Based in Aberdeen, STL (Subsea Technologies Limited) provides pioneering subsea equipment and technical advisory services, ranging from concept development and design engineering to project management and operations support.
The company has now unveiled its market-leading visualisation offering; allowing oil and gas firms the opportunity to enable interdisciplinary teams to review, understand, assess and learn about the most complex of engineered systems before they even exist.  
STL customers can also use the animation service to create visualisations for training, product development and optimisation, sales and marketing, operational planning, Hazid/Hazop reviews and systems integration, to name a few.
Drummond Lawson, managing director of STL, said the service enabled all stakeholders in any team to understand the layout, operation or other technical aspects of a product or service quickly and intuitively, whatever their previous levels of technical or operational knowledge.  
He said: "We are often producing content that is technically very complex, so our visualisation skills are based on a thorough understanding of both oilfield technologies and environments, coupled with a real mechanical insight into product operation.  
"This means that the animations we produce tend to be more realistic, more accurate and of more technical and commercial use than those produced by animators without this level of industry experience. This makes them more cost effective for the customer, and often requires less customer input to achieve the desired outcome.
"Our visualisation service ensures the key benefits of a given product are communicated in a universally understandable manner, precisely and effectively to the viewers.  It is not only the mechanics of individual products, but how they integrate into handling systems, how they are positioned and maneuvered on deck and how they are deployed and recovered, which can be modelled and made easily understandable.”
STL’s visualisation service has a twofold effect: customers can easily articulate the benefits of their products to their own clients, and the animations can also be used for risk assessment, as well as Hazid and Hazop-type reviews where the real world experiences of individuals with varying technical knowledge can enhance the outcome and future operational safety of a product, by immediately having a fuller understanding due to the added value of 3D animation.
Mr Lawson added: "This service forms part of the wider customer journey we offer; working in partnership with our customers to support them in delivering the highest quality of service to their clients.
"We are delighted to be able to offer high-quality, industry specific visualisations to our customers worldwide, further enhancing our collaborative approach to our integrated range of services.”