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MasterminingTM - Wave and Tidal Workshop (NSRI)

MasterminingTM - Wave and Tidal Workshop (NSRI)

16 May 2018

8:30am for 8:50am start, concludes around 5pm.
Building on the OPIN (Ocean Power Innovation Network) and Opportunity North East event in June last year and the in-depth research undertaken by National Subsea Research Initiative (NSRI) in collaboration with ORE Catapult & Energy Technology Partnership (ETP), we are delighted to launch a workshop for industry.  The objective of the workshop is to benefit from the research project in exploring the technical challenges and opportunities within the Wave and Tidal energy industry, by enabling new market opportunities.  We will do this by sharing technical expertise and engagement from the subsea sector within the oil and gas industry, with an aim of reducing costs both in CAPEX and OPEX.  In addition the workshop will  increase the supply chain awareness of the opportunities within the Wave and Tidal sectors.
The event shall present the market challenges and highlight technical and cost reduction opportunities. A detailed mind map of these opportunities identifying specific challenges and key areas where value can be added to the wave and tidal sectors, thereby reducing costs. Following this  MasterminingTM technical workshop, the outcome will be a Technical Report, presenting findings, priorities and recommendations that require to be addressed, creating targeted opportunities for the supply chain.
The MasterminingTM workshop is co-sponsored by Scottish Enterprise, Opportunity North East and NSRI.
The MasterminingTM Workshop
The workshop is targeted at the technical specialists that will benefit from being aware of the market opportunities and that can share their experience bringing their knowledge to the technical discussion break-out sessions.
The workshop plenary session shall open identifying the market opportunities by leading industry representatives, sharing the size of the market prize within wave & tidal sectors, plus highlighting how the oil & gas sector continually learns to address technical and economic challenges.  This shall be followed by a number of short case study presentations where knowledge transfer can be gained, setting the scene for the technical break-out sessions. The breakout sessions shall be facilitated with representatives from oil & gas, and wave & tidal sectors stimulating discussions of key subject matters from the research.
Aim of the workshop: to identify priorities that will offer impact to the wave and tidal sectors, identifying target opportunities for the subsea supply chain.  This will be collated and published in a Technical Report.
The Technical Report 
The output of the MasterminingTM workshop, shall be a report identifying technical gaps, priorities and areas that offer the potential focus to enable the potential of improving the economics in the Wave and Tidal sector.
Book online now using the button above. Cost per person: £20.

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