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STEM Challenge

The STEM Challenge, led by Subsea UK in conjunction with The Smallpeice Trust, will see teams of students compete in a design-and-make challenge for the marine industries.

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Five schools will be invited to take part in events across the UK. Each event will be for 60 Year Nine students.  

Regional Competitions

Completed events

Falmouth Marine School 20th February 2018 (view)
Strathclyde University - 27th February 2018 (view)
Southampton University 6th March 2018 (view)
Newcastle University 28th March 2018 (view)
Sutton (Subsea 7) - 29th March 2018 (view)

The students will be given an overview of how STEM impacts everyday life.  Young representatives from the Subsea industry will speak enthusiastically about their career.  They might focus on their journey into the sector or they might speak about their day to day role but the aim is to inspire the young audience to want to be part of it.

The teams will compete to design and build an ROV using Lego Mindstorms.  Lego Mindstorms is a hardware-software platform produced by Lego for the development of programmable robots based on Lego building blocks. Each version of the system includes an intelligent brick computer that controls the system, a set of modular sensors and motors, and Lego parts from the Technic line to create the mechanical systems.

Watch a short video showing a secondary school STEM day here:

The winning team from each regional event will receive a Think Kit, with all the tools needed to run an in-school challenge to build a floating wind turbine.  The Think Kits are sustainable; they can be re-used and delivered to different year groups. All teachers will need to do is replenish resources.

National Final

The winning teams from the regional competitions will have the opportunity to see some of the exciting things happening in Aberdeen, the Global Centre of Excellence for Subsea.  A morning of company visits will be organised before the Subsea UK STEM Challenge concludes with the final competition

Each team will bring their finished model to the national final to be held in Aberdeen where they will have the opportunity to prove their model in a test tank and deliver a short presentation to a judging panel.  The judging panel will select an overall winning team. This team will receive a trophy for their school and a small prize per team member. Each competing student will be given a certificate.

Subsea UK members are invited to participate as sponsors, guest speakers and judges.

Getting Involved

Interested in getting involved in the STEM Challenge? Please contact .