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SUT/MASTS Workshop - Decommissioning and Wreck Removal

SUT/MASTS Workshop - Decommissioning and Wreck Removal

05 October 2017

Influence, educate and unlock potential: Informing key decommissioning and wreck removal challenges

Combined expertise from marine salvage, oil and gas decommissioning, renewables and marine science will aim to influence, educate and unlock solutions to wreck and jacket removal, offshore energy challenges and opportunities. Join us at this fifth Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) and Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland (MASTS) Decom and Wreck Removal Workshop, where we bring together scientists, engineers, salvors, operators, fishermen, regulators, NGO's, trade bodies, insurers, financiers, lawyers, and other users of the sea, to consider topics using a holistic life cycle approach.

Sessions for 2017 are:
  • Marine Environmental/Societal Part 1: Environmental perceptions of jacket decommissioning scenarios - Delegates will discuss their varying perspectives and rank importance of marine environmental aspects related to leave in situ, full and partial removal.
  • Salvage and Emergency Response: Case studies involving emergency response to the oil and gas sector; Importance of the 'LOF Offshore Initiative' to enable rapid engagement; Comparison between NE Atlantic and US regulatory frameworks, with relevant examples from diverse ecosystems covered by the US Coastguard.
  • Innovation and (transferable) Technology: Gaps will be identified, development and transfer of solutions discussed, with a look at current adoption and uptake across relevant sectors.
  • Marine Environmental/Societal Part 2: Changing Landscapes, Changing Subseascapes. Pipeline and Cabling Decommissioning - is a triple win for society, the environment and the economy possible? Knowledge gaps, barriers and opportunities will be explored.

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