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The voice of the UK subsea industry

Subsea Valves Market 2017: Industry to reach US $334.50 Mn in 2022

29 August 2017

A valve is a tool that normalises, directs and controls the stream of a fluid by opening, closing, or partially impeding various passageways. The subsea values are special kind of valves, which can be also classified under industrial valves. They are used to control the flow of material through an undersea pipeline mostly used to control the flow of oil and gas. Moreover, the size of the valve is specified and is related to the volume of fluids that are expected to flow through it. The subsea valves find various applications such as oil & gas industry, marine industry, offshore wind power, energy harvesting and production, underwater mining, etc.

The subsea valves market is mostly driven by escalating energy demand along with growing scale of offshore and subsea projects. Secondly, emerging and advancing technologies for exploration and production of oil and gas is likely to fuel the demand for subsea valves during the years to come. However, unstable prices of crude oil are expected to impede the growth of the market. Nevertheless, growing penetration of new developments in various sectors is likely to set new wings to the market of subsea valves during the coming years.

more [source: World of Wallstreet]