RGU student helps support diversification at IKM Testing

RGU student helps support diversification at IKM Testing

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01 August 2017

A first year student at Robert Gordon University (RGU) is spending his summer gaining invaluable experience within IKMís design team in Westhill, where he is putting his design skills to use supporting the development of the companyís latest service offering.

Alessandro Favaro, who is studying Communication Design at RGUís Grayís School of Art, was taken on in May to help support IKMís growing Design and Engineering Department.

The department currently offers highly specialised marketing services primarily to the oil and gas industry including 3D modelling and technical animation, graphic design, web design and rebranding.

The company spotted an opportunity with the downturn in the oil and gas industry to use the highly creative side of its Design and Engineering Department to provide a bespoke design service both internally and to its existing and prospective clients.

IKM had previously worked with RGU graduates and approached the University to collaborate on a mutually beneficial placement over the summer, which would support both the expansion of the new service and the studentís experience and skillset.

Alessandro is currently working on a major rebranding project for a client with the support of IKMís design team.

"I am really enjoying the work that I have been given as it is providing me with invaluable on-field experience,Ē Alessandro said.

"So far I have been involved in both client work and internal support - I have helped develop a website for our main client, Aberdeen-based TDC, and designed an email signature, a quotation form, a newsletter, and the first of a long series of van liveries. During August I will also work on brand identity and web design for new clients and redesign key visuals for IKMís Tendering Department.

"Before being offered this placement by IKM I would probably not have considered a career in the oil and gas sector as I used to consider it a very conservative environment.

"However, thanks to this experience, I have realised that there are many innovators within the sector and Iím sure it will quickly become a very stimulating environment for Aberdonian designers.Ē

Jules Smoke, IKMís Design and Engineering Manager who has spearheaded the organisationís new creative shift, is enjoying being able to work with the creative talent which RGU is helping to produce.

"I feel very privileged to have taken Alessandro on this summer,Ē he said.

"Our lead 3D technical animator and I were extremely impressed by his portfolio - he is a very unique talent indeed.

"He is doing a fantastic job at IKM and he's really a huge help to me personally as my department just keeps getting busier and busier - especially in the creative/technical design sector.

"To date I've recruited several key RGU graduates and I currently consider RGU as one of my main suppliers of quality employees. It appears that our department will almost certainly be growing fast in the future so I think it's very important to continue building a strong and lasting relationship with RGU.Ē