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TechnipFMC Starts Seeing Signs of a Potential Rebound

TechnipFMC Starts Seeing Signs of a Potential Rebound

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28 July 2017

The energy industry has remained volatile in 2017, as crude oil prices have fluctuated wildly and presented challenges to the companies that try to profit from oil and natural gas. Oil services company TechnipFMC has faced challenges in navigating the ups and down of the industry and its clients' needs, and the stock has remained under pressure thanks to the uncertain outlook for crude and the impact low prices could have on exploration and production companies' decisions to move forward with future projects.

Coming into Thursday's second-quarter financial report, TechnipFMC investors fully expected further declines in revenue, but they hoped for better performance on the income line. TechnipFMC once again delivered on that front, and even with future challenges ahead, investors appear to see at least a chance for a full-blown rebound in the future. Let's look more closely at TechnipFMC and what its results say about the current conditions in the industry.

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