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Opportunities for firms at Subsea Asia

27 July 2017

Identifying new opportunities and understanding regional challenges are set to be key themes at the 2017 Subsea Asia conference and exhibition from 13-16 September.

Organised by Subsea UK, Subsea Asia will run alongside the Oil & Gas Indonesia 2017 conference in Jakarta. Now in its seventh year, Subsea Asia provides a platform for suppliers in the subsea industry to meet potential clients and showcase technology and expertise that can meet the demand in Asia.

Neil Gordon, chief executive of Subsea UK, said: "At a time when output from mature wells is declining and Asia’s need for energy is at its highest, operators are being pushed to explore more difficult fields in the search for oil and gas. This has led to growth in exploration and production in progressively deeper offshore fields. Our conference will look at the region’s market conditions and opportunities as well as ways on how to improve overall performance in subsea operations.

"In addition to internationalisation, smart collaboration, coupled with smarter applications of existing technologies and new innovations, will help secure the subsea sector’s future and sustain the industry for decades to come. Now, the focus is on living in a world where $50 oil is the norm, and increasing performance and maximising returns from assets is in great demand. However, there will still be a need for new projects to add to future production levels and there are indications that new activity is beginning to increase.”

Since the inaugural event in 1995, Oil & Gas Indonesia has provided an opportunity for those working in the Indonesian oil fields to meet with local and international suppliers. The Asia subsea hub of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore is where the combined activity dominates the Asia Pacific subsea activity and hosts vast industry expertise.

Mr Gordon added: "This year’s conference will be partnered with Oil and Gas Indonesia which attracts strong attendance from Asia as well as around the world so it’s a real opportunity for UK companies to explore new opportunities in this region.

"While I am in no doubt that there will be tough times ahead in the short-term, I do believe the subsea industry is in a strong position to embrace the new market reality and, indeed, can capitalise upon it. Short-term measures are not the answer this time around. Deeper, more fundamental change is required across the industry.”

For more information, visit: /7740/subsea-asia-2017