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Imenco Launch Global Cathodic Protection Company

Imenco Launch Global Cathodic Protection Company

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20 December 2016

In September 2016 the privately owned Norwegian EPC Contractor Imenco AS launched a new division Imenco Corrosion Technology to concentrate on the promotion of its field proven anode systems globally to the offshore renewable energy sector and into late life assets in the oil and gas industry.

Imenco Corrosion Technology deliver ROV installable solutions that are cost effective as they have short installation time, are technically sound, both mechanically strong and maintain a long term electrical continuity, and aresimple to install. The clamps can be installed by ROV pilots or divers without any specialist training.

With offices in Norway, Aberdeen in UK, Lafayette in USA and in Singapore, Imenco Corrosion Technology will aim to provide all the major offshore wind, tidal energy, marine energy along with oil and gas companies’ sacrificial anode equipment to protect their subsea structures at new build stages or as a retrofit solution.

Imenco Corrosion Technology have several preferred manufacturers that make parts for the various anode solutions. The parts are Quality Assured, Quality Checked and assembled in their workshop in Norway.

The range of products includes clamps to fit on to a wide range of construction detail like plates, into holes, over flanges, onto studs or bolts and around pipework or tubulars as well as to existing anode inserts. In addition to the clamps Imenco Corrosion Technology can provide brackets, skids, earthing cables and the anode mass to suit the structure dynamics.

Through an agreement with Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd, Imenco Corrosion Technology can offer modelling and analysis of structures to establish the amount of cathodic protection required and where that protection should be positioned. Other agreements allow Imenco Corrosion Technology to offer Impressed Current (ICCP) solutions as required.

Imenco’s corrosion protection solutions have been used in the Norwegian offshore oil and gas sector for more than a decade. Recent business activities have included expansion of the geographical markets served as well as venturing into new sectors where the company has been providing the Veja Mate and Galloper offshore wind farms with various anode systems solutions.

Commenting on the launch of Imenco Corrosion Technology, Geir-Egil Østebøvik, CEO of Imenco AS said: "We have for more than a decade marketed our field proven cathodic protection solutions to the Norwegian offshore oil and gas sector. We are extremely pleased to see that our decision to expand the marketing efforts geographically as well as into new sectors, like renewable energy, have been so well received. We will, through the establishment of Imenco Corrosion Technology as a business entity focusing on cathodic protection, continue expanding our product and solution offering while expanding our marketing geographically as well as into new market sectors”.

The Piranha Plate Clamp from Imenco