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Technip Announces Extension of its Successful PTA Alliance with BP to Acetic Acid

Technip Announces Extension of its Successful PTA Alliance with BP to Acetic Acid

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13 December 2016

Technip announces today that it has extended its successful exclusive Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) Alliance with BP to Acetic Acid.

The Acetic Acid Alliance, relevant to Front End Loading (FEL) 1 and 2 stages of fully owned and joint-venture projects developed by BP worldwide, builds on the existing long-standing PTA Alliance.

Technip, in the framework of the PTA relationship with BP, has engineered approximately 8 million tons per year of PTA capacity over a span of 20 projects.

Through its operating center in Rome, Italy, Technip is the exclusive provider of FEL services for BP PTA fully owned and joint-venture projects and Inside Battery Limit Front End Engineering Design for PTA third-party licensing applications.

The Acetic Acid Alliance will be run out of the Technip center of Rome, Italy, where existing synergies with the PTA relationship will be exploited.

BPs is a world leader in the Acetic Acid marketplace and provides state of the art technological suites with the Cativa XL process based on methanol carbonylation and the SaaBre process based on syngas.

Nello Uccelletti, President Onshore Offshore, Technip, stated: "The extension of the long lasting and value providing Alliance with BP in PTA to Acetic Acid proves that these relationships constitute win-win deals for technology Owners and Contractors. We look forward to reproduce in the Acetic Acid domain with BP the continuous improvement drive accomplished in the PTA sector.

Charles Damianides, Technology Vice-President BP Petrochemicals, commented: "BPs long-term alliance with Technip in PTA has been successful, and we look forward to replicating this success in the Acetic Acid business.