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C-Tecnics' Advanced Breathing Performance System: the 450m Rated Delta BIB

C-Tecnics' Advanced Breathing Performance System: the 450m Rated Delta BIB

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08 December 2016

C-Tecnics Delta BIBS (Built In Breathing System) offers advanced breathing performance with minimum work of breathing for therapeutic and emergency breathing use. It has been ergonomically designed as a lightweight unit with a unique quick-release oral nasal to facilitate ease of change for hygienic use. The design has been tried and tested over many years to withstand a lifetime of harsh handling in hyperbaric chambers.

The Delta BIBS can withstand the bumps, bangs and physical abuse from day to day operations, yet still deliver a first rate performance. The advanced polymer used for the main body is extremely robust and provides longevity in service. The oral nasal is easy to remove and replace. This permits divers to have their own oral nasal, or otherwise permit easy biological decontamination.

The Delta BIBS have been tested by an independent and recognised facility to 450 MSW. At a ventilation rate of 62.5 litres/minute. The work of breathing, CO2 levels and respiratory pressures were all within the "preferred limit”. As no harmonised worldwide Standard exists for BIBS, the Norwegian guidelines "NORSOK U101” were utilised to provide a test protocol.

All component parts are cleaned, and the equipment is assembled, in our own clean workshop. Oxygen Cleaning Procedures are used to ensure the masks are free from contamination.

C-Tecnics, a UK based company are market leaders in the manufacturing of subsea Video, cameras, lighting, and communications systems for the diving, ROV, and Scientific markets. C-Tecnics also manufacture a range of diver’s equipment and hyperbaric equipment.