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Litre Meter Supplies EFC with Gear Meters from Sister Firm KEM

Litre Meter Supplies EFC with Gear Meters from Sister Firm KEM

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26 April 2016

The KEM ZHM KL meters are used for measuring the flow of hydraulic oil in a range of flow rates and different viscosities.

KEM ZHM gear meters can measure fluids in a flow rate range of 0.005 up to 1,000 l/m. Fluids can range in viscosity from 5 to 25,000 mm2/s (cSt). Linearity is plus or minus 0.5 per cent of the actual value with a repeatability of plus or minus 0.1 per cent. The meters are designed to work at pressures of up to 630 bar at a maximum temperature of 180C.

The robust ZHM KL gear meters are designed specifically for measuring lubricating and non-abrasive fluids such as oils and greases. Parts are manufactured exclusively of high-grade stainless steel, making them well suited for middle and high pressure media.

Various design sizes of the ZHM KL flowmeter series allow a wide range of applications including consumption measuring, monitoring, mixing and dosing. Thanks to very precise ball bearings, optimal measurement accuracy and good dynamic characteristics are guaranteed.

Gear flowmeters are positive displacement volumetric counters with an internal design similar to a gear pump. There are two gear wheels inside the flowmeter body which engage with minimum play in a closed measuring chamber between the gears and their housing. The revolutions per minute (rpm) of the gears are proportional to the instantaneous flowrate.

The fluid to be measured is forced through the meter chamber and turns the gears, which move freely in order not to break the flow. The rpm of the gears as the fluid passes through the chamber is picked up and measured using contactless sensors through the body wall.

The KEM ZHM-KL flowmeters also feature high output frequency, short response time, reverse flow detection and pulse multiplication. The meters are ATEX approved and rated to Ex IA IIC T4 or T6 for zone 1 (where gases, mists or vapours are likely to occur).

Litre Meter CEO Charles Wemyss said: "Litre Meter has been distributing KEM products for a number of years and KEM has been a sister company of Litre Meter since it joined the Tasi Group of companies.

"Advanced technical know-how based on many years of practical experience has made KEM-Kueppers a foremost international supplier of flowmeters, flow instrumentation and expert solutions to any flow measurement application.

"Specialising in the field of flow metering technology and calibration, KEM supplies high quality flowmeters and solutions to your flow measurement tasks to all branches of international industry, all available through Litre Meter.

"We distribute KEM flowmeters alongside flowmeters from TRICOR, Ritter and AW Lake as well as our own comprehensive range of VFF and Pelton Wheel flowmeters.

"We also offer calibration services and support our customers and business partners with technical back up and individual service, all of which makes Litre Meter a true one-stop-shop when it comes to flow control requirements.