IHC Secures New Plough System for DeepOcean

IHC Secures New Plough System for DeepOcean

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17 February 2016

IHC has secured an order for a cutting edge power cable plough system, destined for DeepOceanís brand new cable installation vessel - Maersk Connector.

The advanced equipment to be provided by IHC comprises a 3.3m trench depth power cable plough, a sea state 5 LARS and tow winch. The provision of 300kW of jetting and 150t pull force enables complete operation in the widest range of seabeds. The jetting system has been designed in close collaboration with DeepOcean.  Additional innovative technologies include the capability for simultaneous lay and burial operations with subsea cable loading.  It has a 5m MBR product route, facilitating trenching of the vast majority of current and planned export power cables. IHCís patented rotating bellmouth provides a more product friendly cable route, especially when the plough is being deployed through the water column.

DeepOceanís Maersk Connector, designed and built by Damen, will be the only power cable vessel with grounding capability,  DP2, 7 point mooring and a bespoke IHC LARS having both tow winch render and constant tension capabilities.

DeepOceanís Commercial Director, Pierre Boyde commented "This is a key piece of technology for our State of the Art Cable Vessel Maersk Connector. It enables DeepOcean to offer significantly better power cable installation and protection that has previously not been available in the market. We are delighted to work with IHC in introducing this game changing technology in combination with employing the North East UK supply chainĒ.

The Plough system will be designed and largely built in the UK, both securing jobs in the North East of England and demonstrating the value of offshore wind in terms of UK industrial development. IHC and DeepOcean have worked closely with Energi Coast colleagues to capitalise on the extensive offshore renewable energy sector expertise from the region and North East Englandís unique offering to the industry. IHC is proud to be working with DeepOcean on this flagship project, scheduled for sea trial off Maersk Connector in Q4 2016.