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Tracerco’s Success with Subsea CT Scanner, Discovery™

Tracerco’s Success with Subsea CT Scanner, Discovery™

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20 October 2015

For many years, Tracerco has been developing and creating exceptional, forward-thinking devices to help ease the jobs of many across the oil, gas and nuclear industries. As you’d expect, the brand’s ground-breaking work has been recognised many times over, most recently with the Underwater Technology Foundation (UTF) Subsea Project Award.

The highly acclaimed industry award was given to the company in recognition of their Discovery™ subsea CT scanner for pipelines — a device that has attracted much industry praise in the past. The UTF prize considers everything from device functionality to how the project was executed, as well as how efficient and innovative it is.

Speaking of their recognition, Paul Featonby, Technology Manager at Tracerco, said: "It's a real honour to receive this inaugural award from the industry. We are delighted to be able to introduce an innovative new technology, which brings a cost effective solution, eliminates the operational risks of conventional techniques and provides reliable, accurate information to enable operators in their decision making."

Looking at the Discovery™ device, it’s easy to see why it is so highly esteemed by those in the industry. It is an invaluable tool for many, as it enables scans to be taken of inside the subsea pipelines without disturbing the pipes themselves and their production capabilities.

The device also informs users about the condition of the pipes and its contents, providing insight into flow assurance issues and pipeline integrity. Because of its many abilities, it is a great way for subsea companies to keep their standards high and costs to a minimum.

As well as helping to identify issues, Discovery™ also provides the information required to help decide on a solution. Because the device allows the user to distinguish between the types of restrictions, it can prevent the need for unsuccessful, untargeted solutions, saving both time and money.