Royal IHC Starts IHC Concept

Royal IHC Starts IHC Concept

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07 July 2015

Royal IHC has brought together a team of experienced industry professionals to form IHC Concept. Based in historic Grey Street in the heart of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, it will provide extensive engineering services to the oil, gas, offshore and marine sectors. 

Mr Andy Eaton will lead the team, who, using their diverse experience across a wide industrial base, specialise in the design and build of a wide range of Offshore Mission Equipment and Subsea Infrastructure, complimenting offerings from other Royal IHC subsidiaries. 

"Taking into consideration the current climate in an uncertain and competitive market, this newly available and adaptable service is already in high demand. IHC Concept is rapidly gaining a client base as well as supporting current IHC projects and new product development. We aim to offer the market the ability to react quickly to the widest possible range of challenges and look forward to working within the global network of Royal IHC, says Andy Eaton.