Wild Well Expands Training Capabilities with New Well Control Certification Program

Wild Well Expands Training Capabilities with New Well Control Certification Program

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30 June 2015

Wild Well Control, Inc, a Superior Energy Services company and a global leader in firefighting and well control, introduces its exclusive well control training certification program designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry by offering a complete selection of action-oriented well control training curricula, which includes both team and individual well control simulator exercises. A first in the industry, Wild Well’s well control training certification program can provide, at the student’s / company’s request, a Competency Report based on the individual simulator exercises, which can be forwarded to the company for their internal HR documentation and to identify additional training requirements if needed.  

While continuing to offer IADC and IWCF well control certification options, Wild Well enters the certification arena with a strong 40-year history as an industry-recognized leader in global well control operations, engineering and training services. In 2014, Wild Well trained more than 13,000 students at its well control training centers located throughout the US, UK and Middle East.

The Wild Well certification program meets the standards of other well control certification programs yet further enhances its offerings by focusing on job-specific tasks that provide skill-specific competencies through the use of individualized computer simulations, team-based solution development for well control scenarios and student-driven discussions. Moreover, the Wild Well program offers instruction geared toward regional operations, providing a more efficient use of class time. When they successfully complete the program, students earn a two-year well control certificate similar to other well control certification programs. In addition to an adult training methodology for skill evaluation, the Competency Report, which is exclusive to our certification program, provides students with detailed feedback from completed simulator exercises.  

Wild Well clients will now have the option of taking well control certification training for driller and supervisor levels under the IADC WellCAP®, IADC WellSHARP™, IWCF or Wild Well program as determined by their specific well control training needs. 

Wild Well certification program classes begin July 6.