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NEL Adds AGA-8 Capability to World’s Most Extensive Fluid Properties Database

NEL Adds AGA-8 Capability to World’s Most Extensive Fluid Properties Database

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16 December 2014

NEL, the custodian of the UK’s National Flow Measurement Standards, has extended its industry-leading Physical Properties Data Service (PPDS) to include support for the American Gas Association’s AGA-8 Standard*.
PPDS is a suite of software packages and databases used by organisations worldwide to undertake complex calculations and simulations across a range of process and engineering applications. It contains more than 1,500 quality assured chemical compounds based on actual measured data, as well as combining traceability and measurement uncertainty estimates with validated fluid property data, to support the development of more accurate engineering projects.
The addition of AGA-8 within PPDS will allow oil & gas engineers to develop process engineering applications which meet the requirements of the Standard. Users can also harness PPDS’s extensive database, beyond the limitations set within the requirements of AGA-8, to extend their understanding of the fluid property variables that could have a significant impact on all stages of the process lifecycle.
Developed by NEL for more than 30 years, PPDS provides accurate physical property data for use in a vast range of process engineering applications in the oil & gas, chemical, process and pharmaceuticals industries. Its modular design allows for easy integration with other software packages, such as in-house compound databases or Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) packages. Its calculation package has the flexibility to perform both quick and basic calculations to more complex thermodynamic problems.
Dr Norman Glen, Principal Consultant at NEL, said: "The quality of data is vital in determining the quality of the final product, whether it be the design of a piece of process plant or its output. PPDS is one of the most versatile thermodynamic properties database and calculation suites in the world, and the addition of AGA-8 extends the quality-assured data that is available to support a range of process engineering applications.”
PPDS may be deployed as a standalone application on an individual PC workstation, or as a full client/server implementation across a company’s network. The programmable interface allows custom applications to be hosted locally, remotely over a network or via the internet.
PPDS key applications include:
•    Specification and sizing of equipment
•    Separation calculations
•    Heat transfer and fluid flow
•    Evaluation of phase envelopes
•    Establishment of safety critical data
•    Property prediction for speciality chemicals
•    Fluid properties calculation