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Aquatic Appoints V.Ships as New Travel Partner

Aquatic Appoints V.Ships as New Travel Partner

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10 September 2014

Aquatic Engineering & Construction Ltd, an Acteon company, has appointed V.Ships Marine Travel as its new travel partner, in a proactive move to improve its supplier chain cost base. V.Ships will work with Aquatic to plan and manage its travel budget to ensure that the company continues to minimise costs and maximise employee performance on behalf of its customers operating globally.

Aquatic sought a partner that shared its own supply chain values, focusing on the total value added to the customer, and delivering high-quality performance in cost, flexibility, quality and speed. Following a review of Aquatic’s existing travel services and a comprehensive tender process, V.Ships demonstrated that it could provide a strong commercial partnership, delivering value for both parties and creating an attractive offering for employees.

V.Ships Marine Travel Services, part of the V.Group, is a leading global maritime service provider specialising in the outsourced technical management of high-value maritime assets and the provision of a wide-range of high-value supporting technical, workforce and commercial services.

Joe Pitcher, head of sales, V.Ships Marine Services, commented, "This is a strengthening of the relationship between Aquatic and V.Group; we look for like-minded partners to work alongside, so that we can deliver the best service through a good mutual understanding of each other’s corporate ethos. ”

Aquatic’s vice president of finance, Colin Barry, said, "We were looking for a travel partner that we could engage with in planning the travel needs of our employees, with the aim of improving the way Aquatic does business. We employ highly skilled people, and by securing them with a positive travel experience, we can be confident they will arrive in good form to work on demanding projects.

"Our workload in Asia Pacific is expanding significantly and our European employees are travelling there more frequently. We are also anticipating growth in the Americas, and this partnership with V.Group will support our ambitious growth plan. Currently, we utilise the services of their manning department to support and complement our in-house offshore resources. There is scope for both businesses to grow together; we share a similar management structure and corporate values, so it has been a smooth transition for both our systems and our people,” he added.