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Safety Leadership Forum

Subsea UK will together with the Subsea community focus on safety to develop a common approach to delivering a safe workplace by promoting a common approach to safety, and where appropriate to take action to improve or rationalise safety processes and practices to promote commonality and common understanding of requirements.

The Subsea UK safety Leadership Forum is a group through which Subsea UK members can meet together to discuss and share views on issues of common concern relating to Safety within the Offshore Subsea Sector.

The Forum may debate, agree, plan and implement courses of action to improve safety through new initiatives, adoption of common work practices and methodologies and/or any other appropriate means of improving safety and in communicating this across the contracting community.

Joining the Safety Leadership Forum

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Membership of the Subsea UK Leadership Forum is open to all Subsea UK member companies who own/charter and operate subsea vessels in the UKCS.

If you are a Subsea UK member and would like to join, click here and login for more information ..

Common Safety Induction Framework

Subsea UK's Safety Forum has produced a common induction framework for safety in the subsea industry. This will ensure that everyone working offshore, onshore or on-board vessels in the subsea sector will receive a common induction process before beginning work. It has been developed by sharing best practice from the main contractors to ensure a common approach to inductions.

The guidance has been developed for contractors and sub-contractors to enable them to effectively brief their employees on what they can expect when traveling to and from working on an installation or vessel which could be alongside or at sea. The information has been produced in an easy to follow format using information extracted from a wide range of existing sources and provides direction on how to meet the induction requirements.

The training matrix within the framework outlines the overall training requirements that must be carried out for personnel working in an off­shore environment.

Chief executive of Subsea UK, Neil Gordon, said: "This tool is a major step by the subsea sector to share best practice and allow a collaborative approach to safety training with the aim of further improving performance across the sector."

Safety Induction Training Download