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WFS and VideoRay Demonstrate Low-cost, Low-risk, Wireless Data Harvesting from Subsea Sensors

19 December 2012

WFS Technologies and VideoRay have successfully demonstrated low cost, low risk, wireless data harvesting from a subsea sensor using a seatooth® S100 system integrated with a Pro 4 mini ROV. WFS has previously succeeding in wirelessly harvesting sensor data using much larger work class ROVs. The VideoRay integration marks the first time a mini ROV has been used.

With standard interfaces for wireless data communication, seatooth® S100 can be "plugged in” to underwater vehicles for temporary or permanent deployment. The Pro 4 mini ROV from VideoRay accommodates lightweight instrumentation and so after a brief set-up, the vehicle can be ready to launch and transmit data up the ROV umbilical, or log up to 8MB of operational data for later review.

The S100/Pro4 integration quickly and easily expands the VideoRay ROV’s capability to deliver:

• Wireless data collection from subsea sensors without wet mate connectors, using a small and lightweight ROV. The cost of intervention is reduced and additional surface support not required. Availability of data for operational decision-making is increased and working lifetime of deployed assets can be extended.
• Wireless Integrity Management, or data logging of multiple parameters such as pressure, flow, temperature etc. Ad-hoc data retrieval by ROV requires no hardwire to the surface and no physical retrieval of datalogger. This is a cost-effective option when compared to a dedicated data retrieval mission.
• Remote monitoring of subsea equipment (e.g. load, strain, temperature). Sensors can be located in hard to reach areas with no need for hard cabling and data can be collected more reliably and frequently.
• A safe, cost-effective and time-efficient means of trouble-shooting, uploading new software or changing operating parameters of subsea equipment and instrumentation
• Direct wireless control of subsea equipment when required. The vehicle can be used as a secondary umbilical to remote drilling or production equipment over a wireless link, offering a level of redundancy or a means of responding to an emergency.

These capabilities make the WFS/VideoRay system ideally placed for applications such as environmental survey, corrosion monitoring, CTD monitoring – anywhere a sensor can be wirelessly enabled. seatooth® S100 – which can also be used as a wireless modem and a wireless controller as well as a wireless datalogger – can transmit an impressive amount of data over a short range and will provide a reliable digital wireless communication link up to 5m even in challenging deep water conditions.

WFS and VideoRay will attend the upcoming Underwater Intervention show in New Orleans 15-17 January 2013 ( where VideoRay will present a tank demonstration of the integrated system on their booth, no. 201. Visitors are invited along to meet both companies and see the demo.

An additional presentation from WFS will take place on Wednesday 16 Jan at 9am in the Instruments and Sensors track. The topic will be WFS’ wireless subsea camera: Viewtooth®.