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Welaptega and BPP-TECH Join Forces to Offer Moorings Fitness for Purpose Evaluations

04 December 2012

Welaptega Marine Limited, world leader in mooring integrity verification, is pleased to announce that it has formed an alliance with UK engineering firm BPP-TECH to offer the highest-quality Fitness for Purpose Evaluations for offshore mooring systems.

"Together we offer something unique to the offshore industry,” said Tony Hall, CEO of Welaptega Marine. "By integrating Welaptega’s top-quality inspection data with world-class engineering analysis from BPP-TECH, we now have the capability to deliver a comprehensive Fitness for Purpose Evaluation of mooring assets. Our combined experience and knowledge of best practice will help operators manage risk and save money.”

Mooring failure is a Class 1 Hazard

BPP-TECH will interpret data collected with Welaptega’s accredited inspection technologies to create the highest quality intelligence available of a mooring system’s condition and its fitness for purpose.

This information can be used to satisfy certifiers, regulators and insurance companies.

Moorings are safety critical systems subject to immense environmental and structural forces. Mooring failure is a Class 1 Hazard, the highest rating given by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Failure can compromise operational safety, production and a company’s reputation.

Focus on technology, Innovation, best practice

With a combined experience of more than 40 years in the offshore oil and gas sector, BPP-TECH and Welaptega share a common focus on technology, innovation and best-practice in offshore inspection and analysis.

Fitness for Purpose Evaluations deliverables include:

Identification of most probable mooring failure modes.

Quantification of degraded mooring components using Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Assessment of fatigue based on known environmental factors such as load cycles, metocean predictions and component degradation

Establishment of present-day operational Fitness for Purpose of mooring systems including maximum survival conditions

Mooring system design reassessment based on API, IACS member classification society standards, or client requirements using present day mooring condition as input

Assessment of remaining life of mooring system