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Welcome to SubseaIntel: A leading provider of Subsea Market Intelligence

SubseaIntel is an online database which provides details on over 1,200 subsea projects worldwide, providing sought-after market intelligence all in one place, at the touch of a button.

Each project in SubseaIntel has been individually researched and analysed to provide accurate and up-to-date information, presenting a comprehensive overview of global subsea activity. The site has been designed so members can update or add verified data themselves, offering a fully interactive service.

Subsea Market intelligence gives you current data on ground-breaking developments, creates new opportunities for your business and can act as the driving force for positive change in the industry both nationally and internationally. The market intelligence available through SubseaIntel is a gateway to discovering new market opportunities that can allow your business to expand and gain a competitive advantage. It is a valuable tool that will aid you in uncovering new knowledge, research and projects in the industry.

Access to the latest news, facts and market analysis for many companies is crucial in determining strategic direction and business decisions. Key industry trends and up to date insights are among the many things that can be found within our market intelligence database. Using SubseaIntel means you’re also able to track changes in the industry as well as monitoring the key trends. This will help ensure you’re able to adapt to a changing market environment and can assess current risks and opportunities in the market. Our comprehensive market intelligence database enables you or your business to make data driven decisions that are based on accurate and reliable information. 

SubseaIntel is a free service, exclusive to Subsea UK's ordinary members.

The site has been designed so members can update or add verified data themselves, offering a fully interactive service. Becoming a member means you have full access with no restrictions to global market intelligence across the subsea sector. Members also have the option of saving their searches meaning they are able investigate the data and easily obtain the required information at any given time. Another benefit of our market intelligence database is that members can subscribe to news RSS and data alerts by email, enabling them to easily stay informed.  

Subsea UK acts the industry body and leader for subsea through promoting the sector, encouraging collaboration and innovation. We work with members across the subsea industry including operators, contractors and suppliers and are dedicated to providing a range of resources to help fuel industry growth. 

At Subsea UK we understand the importance of industry development and growth as means for the UK to maintain its position as a world leader in the industry.

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