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Forum Announces Sale of Five Perry™ XLX Generation 2 ROVs to Marine Platforms Limited

25 November 2011

Forum Energy Technologies, Inc is pleased to announce the sale of five Perry XLX Heavy Work-Class Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) systems to Marine Platforms Limited (MPL). MPL offers diverse oil and gas services to the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry in West Africa from their Lagos and Onne Free Trade Zone locations. The five ROVs are scheduled for delivery in the 4th quarter of 2011.

MPL equipment, vessels and expertise are available to support subsea construction, installation, inspection, repair and maintenance activities. With a unique mix of equipment and personnel skills, they offer complete Life of Field (LOF) services, construction and ROV support vessels, ROVs, ROV tooling, project design and engineering. Forum expects to work closely with this important client to develop their subsea services capabilities and to meet project requirements.

These five TXLX ROV systems purchased by MPL will join their current ROV fleet making a total of seven TXLXs and one 100HP Olympian ROV systems fully owned and operated by the Nigerian company. The TXLX ROV systems range from 150HP to 200HP. Some are zone rated and have been fitted with an extensive array of fully integrated tooling and survey equipment. Forum's subsea technologies team expects to provide key support during mobilizations and ongoing operations in Nigeria.

Forum's subsea technologies include the most extensive range of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) from electric observation ROVs to large hydraulic work-class vehicles, which are used for inspection, survey and deep-water construction. Forum also provides other remote intervention technologies and services.