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IEEE ICRA 2021: Digital Twins for Robots in Industrial Applications

IEEE ICRA 2021: Digital Twins for Robots in Industrial Applications

31 May 2021
Venue: Virtual event

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Digital Twins for Rapid Design, Development and Deployment of Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) Robots in Industrial Applications

Robots and AI represent the future of infrastructure inspection, repair and maintenance. To enable their full potential, we need digital twins of the robots and their operating environments, which can be extremely dynamic and harsh, to facilitate a rapid and iterative process of robot design, development and test for industrial deployment and standardisation. These digital versions of robots and the environments need to be connected and interact seamlessly with their physical twin counterparts through connective digital tissue for realistic simulation, emulation and goal-oriented design changes.

5G, which provides reliable and high bandwidth communications, will be critical for live streaming vast amounts of data and linking the digital and physical twins, as well as robot developers, users and operators. Cloud-based infrastructure will not only allow advanced AI algorithms to be deployed, but also lead to the use of shared synthetic environments to help facilitate the ideation and design of novel robot systems and their digital twins.

This workshop will bring together global leaders in the fields of robotics, digital twins, 5G and cloud systems to explore how we can develop new capabilities for cost-effective and safe robot design, development and deployment in industrial applications through the use of physical/digital twins.