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STL delivers jetting hose sealing system in six weeks to Pipetech

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21 December 2020

Subsea Technologies Group Limited (STL), an affiliate of Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. (Helix), recently completed a project to design, build, test and deliver a Jetting Hose Sealing System for Pipetech’s hot stab and deepwater cleaning system.

Pipetech approached STL with a requirement to develop a system capable of sealing around their jetting hose while being used to clear a blockage within a subsea pipe. Pipetech had the solution for clearing the blockage entering the pipe through a hot tap, however they did not have a solution for maintaining a specific pressure within the project pipe.

Leonard Hamill, Pipetech’s General Manager stated, "We are pleased to have partnered with Drummond, Dave and the team at STL who managed to design, engineer and manufacture two sealing systems for
the Pipetech Deep Water Cleaning System (DWCS) and a camera inspection system within a very short time frame. They swiftly grasped our challenging brief and soon went to work, delivering first class field ready systems.”

Various challenges presented themselves throughout the project design phase. One key challenge required the unit to have a sensor indication for divers to visually confirm the jetting hose was clear from the hot tap before securing and disconnecting it. This allowed the Pipetech winch to be slowed down prior to coming up hard against the STL hose seal.

To solve this challenge, STL included an LED hose presence sensor-- a light beam which shines across the sensor tube bore. When the hose breaks the light beam, the LED light indicator switches to green and when the hose is clear of the light beam the indicator switches to red.

After the design phase, STL worked with our dedicated suppliers to manufacture all components and ensure an on-time delivery to begin assembly and testing. Despite current COVID conditions, STL was able to gather all components to begin assembly within three weeks.

Integration of the Jetting Hose Sealing System into the Deep Water Cleaning System occurred at Peterhead Harbour prior to loading onto the vessel. A collaborative, "can do” approach ensured STL and Pipetech’s technicians worked well together to complete the Site Integration Test (SIT). Upon the successful completion of the SIT and integration with Pipetech’s equipment, the equipment was loaded directly to the vessel in Peterhead Harbour.

Shane Jakeman, STL VP, commented, "I knew we were up against time throughout this project, but once again, STL engineers, project teams and technicians absolutely nailed project delivery on time in what was a very challenging timescale. It’s pleasing to demonstrate to the industry yet again why STL should be the first call when it comes to solving challenging subsea project hurdles.”

STL continues to support our clients globally with well-known products but has recently launched our ASSET Program. The STL ASSET program provides our clients access to STL Engineering / Technicians to support all subsea equipment servicing and operational preparedness, as well as, STL storage facilities. These offerings are a cost-effective option for subsea asset owners to help reduce expenses and lead times when managing their subsea equipment.

All of STL’s efforts are being actively supported by Helix, which employs around 1,500 people worldwide, with seven well intervention vessels, multiple chartered support vessels through its robotics business, and a fleet of ROVs and trenchers.