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LexLeyton: Mental wellbeing and managing homeworkers during the pandemic

LexLeyton: Mental wellbeing and managing homeworkers during the pandemic

03 December 2020
Venue: Virtual event

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11:00 - 12:00 GMT

The words "mental wellbeing” in the workplace can often feel like a scary concept.  People managers and senior management are commonly unsure about how to approach the subject, whether there are obvious signs of mental wellbeing challenges or not.  

This year more than ever, mental health challenges in the workplace have no hiding place, especially with a shift in working culture and many people working from home.  Emotional resilience of workers, particularly certain groups such as parents and young workers has been severely tested.

Many businesses historically measure mental wellbeing concerns with absenteeism figures. In reality this can only uncover a small percentage of the underlying issues.  Over 70% of employees struggling with their mental wellbeing often don’t speak out – and this population are the figures we look at when we talk about presenteeism in the workplace (the employee showing up physically but may not be emotionally available to be fully productive or present on a given day). This is often now the cohort of employees if whom we must be increasingly vigilant.

In this webinar we will uncover:

-    Legal considerations around mental wellbeing;
-    How to spot signs and diagnose mental health challenges as an employer;
-    What practical steps can an organisation take to tackle these challenges, in simple terms;
-    What medium-longer terms plans can you out in place to combat mental wellbeing issues for your staff?

  • Musab Hemsi, Partner - LexLeyton
  • Ashleigh Halpin, Owner - Imperium HR

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