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AI and Machine Vision  their role in changing manufacturing (AMRC)

AI and Machine Vision their role in changing manufacturing (AMRC)

13 August 2020
Venue: Webinar

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13:00 BST

As global supply chains are disrupted by worldwide upheaval, industries must now look at their current practices and assess how they can evolve their operations to make them more resistant to shock. This will ultimately lead to reducing supply chain lengths through increased automation.

Machine vision will play a pivotal role in this evolution, but its applications are often misunderstood and its potential is often untapped. The AMRC seeks to address this and to play a driving role in the uptake of this technology.

In this talk Kieran Edge, AMRC Technical Lead for Machine Vision, will discuss the developing role of machine vision in manufacturing and how it will change the face of manufacturing for the better. Key challenges facing technological deployment and challenges will be addressed. Additionally practical demonstrations of advanced machine vision applications will be displayed.

Example demonstrations will include:

-   AI for complex analysis
-   Carbon fibre weave inspection
-   Part tracing
-   3D metallic defect detection in welds

Guests will also have the opportunity to ask how the AMRC can help their business adopt AI and machine vision technologies in a Q&A session.