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AMRC Metallurgy Webinars

AMRC Metallurgy Webinars

07 April-15 December 2020

AMRC's expert speakers will deliver free live webinars focusing on Metallurgy. This suite of webinars will provide engineers with a technical insight into the key aspects that determine how we can select and control the properties of metals for all applications. The knowledge gained will empower staff to optimise material control and maximise profits.

Webinars include:

- Science of Metals
- Mechanical Properties of Metals
- Steels and Applications
- Heat Treatment of Metals
- Surface Treatment of Metals
- Metal Processing
- Machining of Metals
- Failure Modes in Metals
- Metallography and Microscopy
- Corrosion and Prevention
- Material Selection

For more information and to view each course, please click here.