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Multibeam Sonar Training Course

Multibeam Sonar Training Course

25-30 November 2019

HydroMetrica are bringing their multibeam training course to the Hilton at the Beach Boulevard in Aberdeen, Scotland, 25 - 30 November 2019.

This is a six-day, 36-lecture course, and provides a theoretical and practical background in marine survey technology and techniques for hydrographic surveys, continental shelf boundary delimitation, offshore engineering, harbour dredging, fisheries habitat, route survey and scientific research, and provides overviews of the following:

- the technology and problems associated with shallow water and multibeam surveys;
- processing and visualisation techniques designed to address the complexities of swath mapping;
- and constraints on using swath bathymetry to produce the highest quality data

For a full overview of the course, and to register, download the flyer below.

For more information, contact Lindsay Gee.