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STL Offers New Visualisation Service

STL Offers New Visualisation Service

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06 March 2019

STL have launched a new visualisation service to deliver clear understanding of the concept, design and operation of customers' products. Using animations, created in-house, STL now offer realistic, accurate and more technical visual explainers, saving clients significant time and cost in the process.

An STL spokesperson said: "Over the years, STL found that due to the complexity of some of our products, it was much easier to convey their operational capability and benefits to customers using high quality animation. We now offer the same commercial service to all industry sectors, not only subsea and offshore. We have found visualisation to be very effective during the sales process."
  • STLís visualisation skills are based on a thorough engineering understanding of both oilfield technologies and their associated environments, coupled with a real mechanical insight into product operation.
  • Key benefits of a given product are communicated in a universally understandable manner, precisely and effectively to the viewers.
  • Provides a clear understanding of concept, design, & operation - precisely and effectively, to the client & partners at different stages of the sales process
  • In many cases it is invaluable for associated project operation planning for risk assessment, safe and cost effective use
  • Training & assessment of staff in general, and for specific projects ahead of actual operations
  • Easy to articulate the benefits of the products to clients

"We developed our own visualisation capability as we realised, with respect, that many graphic and animation companies do not possess the engineering understanding to be able to create high-quality and detailed animations we required without a tremendous amount of direct input from our own staff."

The stand-alone visualisation service, launched last year, gives customers access to high-quality 3D animations of their own products - before they are developed and launched to the market.