Subsea UK is the champion for the UK subsea industry. We act for the entire supply chain bringing together operators, contractors, suppliers and people in the industry.

over 45,000 employees

£7.8 billion industry

around 650 companies

Representing more than 300 members, Subsea UK is the not-for-profit industry body that champions the country’s underwater supply chain both at home and abroad. It acts as a focal point to promote the sector and maximise its opportunities as well as provide a national forum for collaboration, diversification and technology development.

With over 45,000 employees and around 650 companies, the £7.8 billion subsea sector leads the way around the world in terms of experience, innovation and technology. While oil and gas accounts for the major share of subsea revenues, the sector also operates in defence, oceanology and marine renewables, primarily offshore wind including emerging sectors of wave and tidal.

Subsea UK’s vision is for the UK to build on its world leading position in underwater operations, renowned for its innovation & technology, engineering ingenuity and manufacturing expertise, and to enable the growth of world-class products and services.

Whether you are a company looking to grow your business, diversify into other industry sectors or extend your reach to geographical markets, Subsea UK can help.

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